What is the symbol of the butterfly on the sign jewelry?

The butterfly symbol in jewelry means beauty and freedom. We all have a positive feeling throughout our being when we see a butterfly. Few people can be seen who do not like the butterfly or praise its beauty. In some religions they are considered to belong to another world. Maybe it’s because of the butterfly’s birth style. Butterflies have long been very valuable to people, which is beautiful because of the difficult stages of birth. In the fall, the caterpillar turns into a pupa and then the butterfly is born in the spring.

What is the reason for the good feeling we get from the butterfly symbol?
We may have used it many times because of the good feeling this symbol gives us, but we were never familiar with its meaning. In this section, I will first discuss the applications of the butterfly symbol and then the reason for the positive energy of this symbol.

Use the butterfly symbol in history
In some governments, butterflies were used to symbolize children’s gravestones to represent the joy and happiness of the child. On the other hand, the butterfly was considered a symbol of the child because of its beauty and purity. In addition, the short lifespan of the butterfly was attributed to the short lifespan of the child.
Due to the method of birth and transformation from a worm to a beautiful butterfly, it was used as a symbol of change in different periods.
The symbol of the transcendence of the soul and immortality was another of their characteristics. The butterfly worm wraps itself around a cocoon and flies away without eating or drinking. This is a sign of spiritual and mental growth. People who fast or practice austerity seek the same spiritual growth.

We have heard a lot about candles and butterflies in Iran. The butterfly is a symbol of a lover who burns and dies at the feet of his beloved.

The cause of the positive energy of the butterfly symbol
The butterfly is a symbol of rebirth, happiness, beauty, life and positive energy. Therefore, people who are looking for a change in life and achieving freedom can use these ornaments in their lives. Earrings, pendants, bracelets, license plates and rings with butterfly design are widely used.
The butterfly teaches us to move forward. Even in this short life opportunity, one can be happy and free. If you want to give a good gift to someone who is looking for a positive change in your life, this symbol can be a great option.

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